Sweet Corn, Fresh Produce, U-Pick Flowers & Sunflower Fields

Farm Events & Food Trucks 

From May through September Wiltse's Farm will be featuring and welcoming food trucks through the season. Check back regularly for our weekend events taking place on the farm.
07 Bida Bakery
07 Soul Loco Coffee
15 Farm Fling Featuring Local Artisans
15 Soul Loco Coffee
22 Santiago's Tacos
28 Nina's Tacos
29 Calogero's Pizza
02 Puff Truck Pizza
17 Bida Bakery
21 Sunflower Fest Event 
24 Little O's Frozen Custard
30 Bid D's Hot Dogs
06 Puff Truck Pizza
07 Santiago's Tacos
13 Big D's Hot Dogs
14 Bida Baking
28 Calogero's Pizza
10 Puff Truck Pizza
18 Calogero's Pizza
24 Big D's Hot Dogs
25 Bida Bakery
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